Mega Airport Prague and Prepar3D v5

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Mega Airport Prague and Prepar3D v5

Post by jan.podlipsky » Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:35 pm

Hi everyone,

since other addon developers are posting their statements, we have decided to pitch in as well.

Prepar3D v5 has not yet got into our hands, and we expect to get it once it is released. Our preliminary research has told us, that there should not be any problem with porting our scenery into the new Sim. However, since we are fully focused on a new project, we have decided to wait a couple of weeks after the release of P3D v5, before working on the new installer, and invest our time into this project. Especially due to the fact that it will take time before all the major developers will port their products.

If everything goes according to our preliminary research, and everything will be according to our expectations, we can say, that will make a P3D v5 version, and it will be FREE of charge. But, if there is any "gotcha", this can of course change, and we would hate to make any promises which would then backfire on us.

Jan Podlipský
Support Lead
XHT Labs

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